Consulting and integration


Multi-physical simulation tools can be used to digitally recreate system behaviour to thermal, vibration, shock, expansion, pressure, EMC, etc. constraints. Simulation is a valuable tool that gives the opportunity to optimise product design from the design phase.

Thanks to our simulation expertise, our goal is to reduce the number of iterations in product development scheduling by creating prototypes with faithful modelling, thereby reducing the costs inherent to design corrections that can be the result of issues detected during verification testing.

Using the faithful modelling of storage elements, SERMA can simulate behaviour in a wide variety of situations, so that the testing conditions and ageing test campaign conditions can be optimised. This modelling provides a better understanding and increased knowledge of health status in real time and contributes to improving reliability, service life and product profitability.

SERMA has a global simulation service offering based on different multi-physical simulation tools: GT-suite, GT Auto-Lion, COMSOL Multiphysics, Matlab/Simulink, etc.