Mechanical tests

Mechanical tests are used to characterise system behaviour by creating a relationship between constraints and their effects: mechanical assembly, crash resistance, leak tightness, ageing, performance vibration, etc.
We carry out mechanical tests on batteries, power electronics and motors:

  • Vibration: system vibration using different input data and damage checking (earthquake),
  • Mechanical shocks: system reaction following a sudden speed variation,
  • Crash: using the same principles as mechanical testing, crash testing reproduces the collision between two elements.

For mechanical testing, we integrate your system onto the test bench (manufacture of supports).
We are able to test oversized products such as HEV, PHEV and EV battery packs.

The entire cycle and system conditions are simulated and analysed using the varied tests and trials proposed by SERMA Energy: mechanical, electrical, environment, de safety.

These mechanical tests can be carried out as per the ISO 16750-3, IEC 60068-2-xx, MIL STD 810, 36-00-802, B21 7120, IEC 61373, DO 160, etc. standards.