Environmental tests

Environmental tests help to provide better product design, efficiency and reliability, but also the validation of specified performances.

Thanks to its expertise, SERMA Energy carries out a set of environmental tests inside secure climatic chambers (temperature, humidity, pressure, mechanical climatology, etc.) using a specific testing profile.

  • Cycling and thermal shock testing
  • Relative humidity cycling testing
  • Protection rating testing – IP (as per standards)
  • Leak tests
  • Corrosion tests
  • UV tests

These environmental tests can be carried out as per the ISO 16750-4, IEC 60068-2, 36-00-802, B21 7130, ISO 9227, DO 160, etc. standards.

The entire cycle and system conditions are simulated and analysed using the varied tests and trials proposed by SERMA Energy: environmental, electrical, mechanical, de safety.