Abuse and safety tests

The abuse and safety tests carried out at SEMA are used to study battery behaviour and reactions beyond their specifications. These tests are also used to certify batteries according to specific standards (see below).

Using its expertise and different testing platforms, SERMA runs a wide range of abuse and safety tests on batteries (cells, modules, packs) in extreme conditions:

  • Mechanical tests: crushing, penetration, vibration, impact, etc.
  • Electrical tests: overload, short circuit, cycling, etc.
  • Thermal tests: propagation, extinguishing, over-temperature, etc.
  • Gas analysis, emanations, etc.

The abuse and safety tests carried out by SERMA also allow us to be a battery certification support.
We run abuse tests as per the ECE R100 standard, one of the main European electric vehicle approval requirements, in partnership with UTAC CERAM.
We also carry out tests as per UN38.3 (battery transport), UL1642, CEI 62133, CEI 62619, DO-227A, DO-311, R100.02, SAE J2464, GBT314, GB 38031, etc.

The entire cycle and system conditions are simulated and analysed using the varied tests and trials proposed by SERMA Energy: safety, electrical, mechanical, environment.