Consulting and integration

Technological failure analysis

Batteries that stop charging, that have shorter service lives, that burst into flames, you have almost certainly heard of or witnessed this type of event.
SERMA carries out failure and construction analyses on batteries (cells, modules, packs) in a secure environment.

Using cutting edge equipment, our experts can open and autopsy batteries to carry out many analyses which will be used to determine failure root causes:

  • component physical chemical analysis (for example SEM-MEB-EDX, ICP, DRX, etc.),
  • electrical analyses,
  • non-destructive analyses (3D tomography, electrical characterisation).

More widely, SERMA can carry out all types of electronic component analyses: active component construction and failure analyses

  • (MOSFET, IGBT, HEMT, Si, SiC, GaN, etc.) and
  • passive component analyses (capacitors, induction coils, transformers, windings, etc.).

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