Fields of application

Power electronics

The growth in electrical energy needs and the new challenges of the ecological transition make power electronics a promising sector, especially in vehicle propulsion systems and energy exchange or transfer systems.
The challenge is to control the energy transfer by providing high output conversion while increasing energy efficiency and reducing costs.

The purpose of SERMA’s power electronics expertise and technical resources is to optimise the performance and output of electronic components and systems using testing that covers high powers.

For power electronics, SERMA offers testing, consulting and expertise services for inverters, converters, chargers and components.

  • Consulting on the choice of technology with our experts, our R&D teams and our labs
  • Simulation
  • Component material analyses and expertise
  • Reliability plan, Health Monitoring (HM) and Prognostics Health Management ( PHM)
  • Validation plan definition
  • Test bench design
  • Running of different types of test: electrical, performance, endurance, environmental, mechanical and safety
  • Active (MOSFET, IGBT, HEMT, Si, SiC, GaN, etc.) and passive (capacitors, induction coils, transformers, windings, etc.) construction and failure analyses..
  • System and electronic component assembly line and industrialisation audit
  • Training