Feedback from EMOTORS – Collaboration on electric vehicles
Aug 22

EMotors has commissioned SERMA Energy to conduct test campaigns in the context of the electric

machine projects for the BEV vehicles of a French manufacturer.

Interview with Youcef ZEHIOUA, Head of Laboratory and Head of Performance Tests, Emotors.


“SERMA Energy carried out a complete series of tests (thermal and mechanical characterisation, performance tests, machine efficiency tests, etc.) and provided us with recommendations for our analysis’ orientations, enabling us to optimise the performance of these engines and to complete our project successfully.

This collaboration was very rewarding. The entire EMotors project team is grateful for the involvement and investment shown by the SERMA Energy team.

The work provided was of high quality and, as the main contact and person in charge of the test’s management, I was very happy to collaborate with Inti and Romain, project manager and technician on these tests.

It has been a pleasure to carry out these different testing campaigns with SERMA Energy and we look forward to working with you again on future projects!


Inti, the engineer in charge of the project at SERMA Energy, tells us more:

“Our test and engineering platform allows us to conduct performance, reliability and qualification tests, as for this project.

The tests are completed in several stages once the bench is set up:

  • Coding
  • Special tests according to the customer’s requests
  • Post processing and analysis
  • Writing of the report

Once the tests have been completed, the specimen is dismantled and conditioned for return to the customer.

Communication with the customer is very important, we make sure we are present and guide the customer to the right solution throughout the project.

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