SERMA Energy acquires H2Pulse and expands its energy offering to hydrogen.
Nov 23

SERMA Energy acquires H2Pulse and expands its energy offering to hydrogen.

SERMA Energy, a key player in electric mobility since its establishment in 2018, continues its growth momentum by announcing the acquisition of H2Pulse on Wednesday, October 25th.

Founded in 2020 by Cyril Gagnepain and Christophe Turpin, H2Pulse is a startup specialized in consulting and innovation. The company designs tools and test benches for gaseous and liquid hydrogen, conducts tests at its Francazal facilities in Toulouse, and provides training, all tailored to client specifications. With a team of 24 employees, its mission is to expedite the transfer of research advancements to the industry in the field of gaseous and liquid hydrogen technologies.

This acquisition marks a significant turning point for SERMA Energy and, more broadly, the SERMA Group, as they are wholeheartedly entering the hydrogen sector to meet the needs of their clients.

H2Pulse shares a strong technical DNA with SERMA Energy, and this acquisition generates substantial synergies for both companies. It enables the SERMA Group to expand and enhance its portfolio of offerings in the energy sector with new expertise in this promising hydrogen market. SERMA’s strategy is to provide an expertise and testing platform covering a wide range of technologies, thus strengthening its position in the market.

H2Pulse brings SERMA Energy a deep understanding of hydrogen technologies and the associated testing capabilities. The synergies and complementarities of the two companies create new opportunities for growth, particularly for larger-scale projects, both technically and financially, thanks to the strength of the SERMA Group, especially on the commercial front.

In the long term, as the hydrogen market reaches a more advanced stage of maturity, it is likely that SERMA Energy will develop a dedicated testing services offering for the hydrogen powertrain, similar to what it has achieved in the field of electric mobility.

Already established in Bordeaux, Paris (Lardy), and Spain (Valladolid), SERMA Energy is now expanding to a fourth location in Toulouse, where the SERMA Group has had a presence for over 20 years. H2Pulse will maintain its roots in the Toulouse region, given the driving role of Occitanie in the hydrogen sector. The organization and locations of the SERMA Group in France, Europe, Tunisia, and the United States will provide the flexibility needed to establish operational sites close to the relevant markets when necessary.

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