SERMA Energy was live on BFM Business to talk about e-mobility
Oct 23

Peter Herssens discussed SERMA Energy’s expertise in electric mobility on BFM Business.

Peter Herssens, Director of Operations and co-founder of SERMA Energy, sat down with Vincent Touraine from BFM Business to discuss about SERMA’s expertise in electric mobility and its future prospects.

The SERMA Energy test platform, born in 2018 in Pessac, offers a complete range of tests for batteries and electric motors, power electronics and, more broadly, the electric powertrain.

It stands out for its total connectivity, enabling 24/7 monitoring of the test center. SERMA Energy engineers operate continuously, for qualification purposes, endurance validation, characterization, or even over-stress testing of products.

Peter Herssens has announced the possibility of opening up this connectivity to his customers, which could revolutionize test and data management. The aim would be to enable the company’s customers to access the planning, test management and data management aspects of its products.

Thanks to the strength of the SERMA Group, the company can see even further ahead. By collaborating with other Group subsidiaries, SERMA Energy can offer its customers support from the product development phase through to certification and commissioning.

SERMA Energy continues to make waves. At the beginning of October, the company signed a new partnership agreement with Renault to set up a 3,500m² test center on the automotive supplier’s premises in Lardy, almost doubling its test area dedicated to electric vehicle powertrains.

New projects are also set to be announced very soon!

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