SERMA Energy


Engaged in a continuous improvement process and desirous to meet the expectations of all parties, SERMA Energy has developed an Integrated Management System (IMS) built around the ISO 9001, ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 standards.


Thus, Quality, Energy and Environment are at the heart of the SERMA Energy Management System to guarantee the effectiveness of its processes and meet its Senior Management’s strategic goals.


SERMA Energy is also committed to following and promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy borne by SERMA Group of which the values are in line with 4 strategic themes:

  • The development of innovating products and processes to minimise impacts on the environment
  • To enforce our requirements and those of our clients on our suppliers and partners
  • To develop an effective human potential that bears the group’s culture of integrity
  • To privilege exchanges with stakeholders by guaranteeing them the expected performances in terms of quality and safety, but also financially.

The future

SERMA Energy is aiming for ISO 17025 accreditation!
The ISO 17025 standard gives the general requirements for calibration and testing laboratory qualifications.
SERMA Energy is therefore in the process of implementing an organisation allowing it to carry out its activities in an environment that complies with client expectations and COFRAC requirements (neutrality and privacy, reliable and checked equipment, proven and validated methods).
Obtaining this accreditation will allow SERMA Energy to have the performance of its material assets recognised, but also its teams’ technical skills and professionalism.