SERMA Energy

A 4.0 test centre

The SERMA Energy test centre is fully connected. The building, test benches and bench operators are permanently connected.

We have developed our “Test Field Overview” solution that lets us monitor all the test benches on giant screens installed at strategic locations in the building. This essential operational tool means we are instantly alerted and can deal with possible incidents as quickly as possible.

We propose video monitoring and/or photo reporting of the entire test bench installation.

Remote real time access to your data, reports and test monitoring are a priority. The project managers have real time access to all SERMA Energy site tests to best meet your test progress and result expectations.

All critical equipment is also closely monitored and sends real time health check information (for example Daikin on site, chiller unit pressure and temperature, etc.). We constantly monitor the building temperature and relative humidity to guarantee the increased stability of measurements made on site (20° – 50% RH).

We also have POSE© software, a fully automated test scheduling and progress tool developed in-house by the SERMA Energy teams.

When the centre was built, SERMA Energy decided to source its equipment from the best test equipment suppliers. We selected the best in class in terms of supplies.

Example followed by the Daikin chilled water production unit

Example of temperature monitoring of the climatic chamber process

Example sector pack

SERMA Energy center temperature and hygrometry monitoring

POSE software: