SERMA Energy

About us

A consulting, expertise and test platform of over 5000m², SERMA Energy is the only French service provider to support its clients over the entire value chain.

The platform is organised into 3 departments:

Resources are sized to meet all current and future standard technologies that can exceed a Megawatt.

Creation: 2019

1 site: Pessac (33)

5000m2 of test area

Icone SE fond gris test elec

170 electric test channels

Icone SE fond gris enceinte clim

40 climatic chambers

Icone SE fond gris banc essai

Motor test benches

SERMA Energy works closely with all SERMA Group subsidiaries on qualification, engineering, industrialisation and physical expertise and with partner laboratories on mechanical and chemical tests.
SERMA Technologies and SERMA Ingénierie provide abuse test services, electronic and engineering expertise on the different Group sites in France: Grenoble, Chambéry, Guyancourt and Pessac.
SERMA also benefits from CEA and CEA Tech expertise on R&D, simulation, digitisation and robotisation activities.

SERMA’s objective is to:

  • Support the growth of players around high performance batteries, energy conversion and e-mobility applications,
  • To support and contribute to the energy and environmental transformation for the entire value chain from R&D, through industrialisation, up to product validation
  • To design innovating test resources to complete its assets and meet specific needs,
  • To set up a multi-sector skill and expertise centre for a wide range of technology.

The platform is mainly used for the automotive sector which is faced with the transition from internal combustion to electric motors, but also for all sectors impacted by electrification such as the aviation industry for hybrid and electric planes and the tertiary sector for smart grids for example (energy storage and management smart grids).