SERMA Energy


To support the strong growth of the electrical energy sector and continue its growth in the testing sector around e-mobility, SERMA Group created SERMA Energy. The test centre was officially inaugurated in January 2019.

SERMA Energy was set up with the support of the French Nouvelle-Aquitaine region as part of the “Energy 2020” project aiming to make the Region and SERMA leaders in green mobility solution testing and certification.

SERMA Energy is located on the AMPéRIS technology estate in Pessac, France, a few hundred yards from SEMA Group’s historical headquarters. It completes the Group’s technological assets serving the microelectronics, power electronics, embedded systems and cybersecurity sectors, and consolidates the one-stop expertise and consulting shop it offers around electronics and systems.

SERMA Energy is booming and plans to continuously increase its testing capacity.

  • 1991

    1991: Creation of SERMA

  • 2008

    2008: Start of battery activities

  • 2018

    2018: Creation of SERMA Energy