SERMA is full of energy!
Sep 20

SERMA group takes a new dimension in the energy sector by creating a platform for testing, expertise and engineering consulting.

So far organized around 4 business areas, SERMA Group created a 5th dedicated to the Energy. The group will soon be installing in an another facility – formerly occupied by Thales – to develop a test platform of over 5000m² dedicated to the electrical energy sector.

Based in Pessac for nearly 30 years, the groupe employs more than 1 000 engineers and specialized technicians.

This project called “Energy 2020”, aims to create a unique and independent centre in Europe, able to offer tests, a qualitative and robustness validation offer and a normative compliance offer.

This platform will be organized into 3 departments in order to offer the industrial sector a complete panel on the subjects of:

  • Batteries (cell, module, pack),
  • Power converters, embedded or fixed chargers,
  • Different applications such as e-motors, drones, Smart grids…

It will as well offer engineering services and industrialization support.

This platform, managed by the new subsidiary SERMA Energy, will first focus on the electric vehicle market. The projections in France indicate an expected growth from 150,000 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle in 2017 to 475,000 in 2022, and from 75,000 to 200,000 Electric Vehicles over the same period, according to the General Commissioner for Sustainable Development. The aeronautic (hybrid and electric aircraft, drones) and tertiary sectors around smart grids (intelligent storage and energy management networks) are also targeted.

SERMA group is currently organized around 5 business areas:

  • electronics technologies,
  • microelectronics,
  • embedded systems engineering,
  • safety and cybersecurity of system,
  • electrical energy, with the creation of this new platform.
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